Wednesday, 25 August 2010


I had been hearing alot about this MC GAFF E from numerous friends for a while now and have watched her random and rather insane videos on Youtube but, never actually had the pleasure of seeing her perform live.
An original, masterful, colourful and un-imitatable force,
I am now a Gaffy convert, I too worship at the psychedelic altar of Gaffy Gaffiero.
Her church is a deranged dream-like world of sequins, fluoro, horses, cocks and face-paint, oh yes and music.
I had the pleasure of seeing one of her very intimate shows last weekend at the Twisted Sisters night in Deptford (deep, dark South London)
Her show is madder than a bag of spiders, with multiple moments of collective audience eye squinting, eyebrow raising and awkward looking around the room-ness, with shared thoughts of 'what the fuck, seriously, what, where am i again'? Her high-energy performances leave you breathless and sweaty - just by watching them.
 Watching her perform is like being transported to some freakishly queer and bizarre world of hallucinogenic animals, vertical pelvic thrusts and a never-ending magic trunk of mad outfits combined with even madder songs.More performance artist than merely musician, she also collaborates with a large number of seriously talented artists from around the globe.
 All i can say is you really must catch one of her shows, there is actually no way to describe it in literary terms.
(i have been trying all afternoon)
 Its the ultimate surrealist experience (you thought you were edgy and arty? think again) with simple-slash- genius songs and lyrics (set to a backing track) that range from SOD OFF CALAMARI ('i dont want your tentacles, i just want your chemicals') which is now very firmly stuck in my head, to TRANNY HEAVENFRANK GOES BANG, and one of my favourites HOT MESS - live video below (with the amazing 'my bad sister'.)

She is still particularly underground but is getting popular exceptionally quickly, I suggest you see her while her shows are still reasonably intimate.
She is freshly back from Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and is putting on a tent at Bestival called Tranny Tank along side Jonny Woo, John Sizzle and many others.
 She is also currently working on her own original 'comedy freak show' for theatre, to be performed later in the year ....
Check out her fb page for more updates and gigs.
Do it, do it now.
No need to stack up on drugs, seriously, this is one of the only shows EVER that doesn't need drugs to enhance!

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