Friday, 20 August 2010


My Polish 3-d artist friend - Michal Gadek is staying with me at the moment whilst he is looking for a job in London, he has just come back from a massive European roadtrip, he is also a shit-hot photographer, only shooting in film, mostly on an old analogue Pentax Super A. Thats wha im talking about!

He is also really well travelled and rather interesting, last night we had a very in depth conversation about aliens, energy transference, the end of the world incl hard (NASA) facts about what is really going to happen to the earth in 2012, shits going down yo!
(He also advises aliens are unaturally tall and dress rather ridiculously, just in case you were wondering)
Then this morning we munched on toast with strawberry jam to another intense conversation about the very clandestine Russian mafia /politics and prostitution.
He warns, in life not to indulge yourself or others in your own misery, as it only encourages more bad energy and more misery.
Wise words.

Anyway here are some pictures from his road trip, they covered 9000kms in 5 weeks and went through Germany, Italy, France, Slovenia, Craotia, Monte Negro, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania (the home of gypsies and Dracula), Hungary, Slovakia and finally Poland.
He said some of the films were lying in the back window of the car, so some of the colours were distorted.
Here is a selection of some of his pics. .

On the road in Albania
CroatiaFat American tourists in VeniceMysterious buildings in RomaniaCannesBeach in Bulgaria The only highway in AlbaniaRomanian farmerDraculas castle in TransylvaniaClassic drive by in Monte Negro (one of my favourites)
I suggest you check out his shotblog and def check out his pics from Berlin and then do a lucky dip and click on anything thats runs down the right hand side.

He has such a poetic way of capturing life, it totally makes you feel like you were there, and in the seventies

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