Thursday, 26 August 2010


Who knew, JAMES LAVELLE (the other half and producer) of British trip-hop electronic outfit UNKLE is now curating a major art exhibition inspired by his music.
James has collaborated with just about everyone worth their musical salt (incl Thom Yorke, Ian Brown, Jarvis Cocker to name a few), so it makes sense that he is moving into the art world, and i cant wait to see it.
The exhibition will feature artists from the fields of music, art, sound art, fashion, film and design of whom have all created NEW artwork for this exhibition.
It will also highlight UNKLE'S new musical collaboration with ... hyperventilate- Nick Cave, which will be played at the gallery, along with a new short film by (gulp) Jonathan Glazer (need i remind you that he is the director of Radiohead's STREET SPIRIT - only one of the best music videos EVER
and also of his last collaboration with UNKLE in the form of genius, haunting and disturbing RABBIT IN YOUR HEADLIGHTS )
This combined with a long and impressive roll call of other artists and collaborators incl Turner Prize nominee Nathan Coley
 Robert Del Naja (Massive Attack's 3D) and Futura
as well as Polly Borland,
 Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones
Jamie Shovlin
 design duo Kai and Sonny
 and Jonas Burgert.
PHEW! (and these are only some of the artists that will be exhibiting)
Its called 'Daydreaming with... James Lavelle'  and is a three-day, festival-like event, at the swanky new gallery in Mayfair (just off Regent Street)
Haunch of Venison
6 Burlington Gardens
London W1S 3ET
020 7495 5050
Friday 27th – Monday 30th August 2010
10am – 6pm daily
Up to date information is available at
...................OH YES AND ITS FREE!
but ITS ONLY ON FOR ONE WEEKEND, so don't be a dick and miss it.


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