Sunday 20 November 2011

NEU HQ has moved to TUMBLR

Hello , just to let you know NEU HQ BLOG has now moved to TUMBLR.
We will still be updating our Blogspot but not as regularly as the Tumblr, just click here for the all new and exciting blog = and as usual you can still follow our daily goings-on, on Twitter

Monday 29 August 2011


If you havent heard of the HOUSE OF DOLL, well you should have.
This female collective, lead by the incredibly talented and outrageous -Rubbish Fairy are hosting an evening in Berlin on Sat the 3rd Sept.
Their shows are rare and spontaneous and if you missed them at Glastonbury then you should get down to this one if you are around.
The show will be packed full of art, installation, performance and siiiick music.
These girls take the concept of 'Found Object Fashion Art' to the next LEVEL!!!!
Sticking to their motto RAVE, RECYCLE OR DIE, prepare to have your mind blown.

Thursday 4 August 2011


How divine are these shoes? Some images of the latest offerings from super talented Israeli conceptualist footwear designer Kobi Levi.
Technically challenging and artistically progressive.
From Toucans, to chop-sticks to bananas to bubble gum, anything goes in this surrealist wonderland.

Get more info on Kobi here 

Thursday 7 July 2011


Loving this blog!!!!
They get people to send in their pics taken of a picture- from the past, now in the present.
Its haunting, clever and very beautiful.
Long live the photograph, heres some examples:

Send your submissions to

Sunday 12 June 2011


My friend the gorgeous and talented artist Delphine NOIZTOY, introduced me to the mega amazing  DJ UNKUT. With 10 years SKILLZ behind the decks and12 championship titles under his belt, this scratch avante-guardist, club DJ and producer, is an inherent part of the scene and a massive inspiration to a whole generation of DJs. Inspiring and breathtaking talent.
This video is NEXT!!!!! Beware the average man.......

Wednesday 8 June 2011


I love it everytime I get an email from Guerilla Zoo, Ive said it once and ill say it again, Guerilla Zoo, without a doubt put on THE BEST and most consistently thought provoking art exhibitions in the UK.
Cut a long story short, they have an exhibition on NOW, as in right now, it ends on Sunday -12 June, if you miss it you will be sorry and also hardpressed to find such a good quality art hit for quite sometime.
Guerilla zoo are masters of finding and bringing together the best of the (modern underground) art world.
This exhibition, hosted on 3 floors of a beautifully eerie and crumbling ex-abbatoir building space in Farringdon.
James Elphick and his team presents us with over 50 surreal, controversial and provocative modern artists from around the world.
The opening was filled to the brim with Londons cream of the emerging art crop.
To save this article being 3 pages long, ill present you with a quick slice of some of the most impressive works, it was lush.
Some new work from the inspiring fashion artist Celia Arias (aka Lady Gonzalez)
Sculpture and (performance) by Nick Elphick
Images by Kira O'Reilly
 Andrea Rossi
Larger than life mindfucks by Enjoy Kaos
Master stitchery by Lucy Sparrow
Performance and Installation by Maria Almena - KIMATICA
   Getting super up close to the incredible works/ words of the very controversial Iris Schieferstein
Incredible giant pagan sculptures by Jim Sanders

Powerful and Intricate Illustrations by Iain Mcarthur
Like i said over 50 surreal, controversial and provocative modern artists from around the world, not forgetting art by former solitary confinement prisoner Charles Bronson, new works by Tank Girl Illustrator Rufus Dayglo and also never seen before coca artworks of Bolivian Gaston Ugalde.
Check the full list and find out more here
Seriously go see it.
All words and pictures by Britt FOE.


Cant get enough of this new band,
as Domino's latest signing, they have just a handful of songs. The new album was released on the 17th May. The massively outstanding new single being the haunting 'BEAT AND THE PULSE', (video below) another really catchy tune is 'LOSE IT' as well as them doing a bloody fantastic electro cover of  Joni Mitchell's 'WOODSTOCK'
Austra is the brainchild of Canadian born,
Toronto based Katie Stelmanis,
who has the most haunting, powerful and evocative vocals i've heard from any new artist this year.She also brought in long time friends and collaborators Dorian Wolf on bass and Maya Postepski as beat programmer and producer.Austra was born, Austra is gonna be massive.
Beaty Pagan Darkheart Electro!
They playing in London at Cargo on the 7th July. SEE YOU THERE.
This isnt the official video, its of a driving live performance but its sooo good. I think ive played it about 25 times this week......

Tuesday 7 June 2011


Went to the ROTKAPPCHEN album launch at the Macbeth a week ago.
Tre good!!!!!!!
Totally beaty, dancey sounds and glitchy noise, cool vocals and super hand drawn awesome visuals, COMBINED with live drums, played by the talented and the gorgeously ridiculously curly haired, Annie O-Some. (also part of The Birds Of Paradise)
Rotkappchen - (little red hood in german), this 2 piece (Ian and Annie) totally got the dancefloor going,  Rotkappchen is well destined for great things especiallly live! The album is electro, well recorded and totally party inducing, im well up for that !!!!!!
They came a long way through the darkest woods in order to deliver a basket of musical and visual goodies to your (big) ears.......
yes go see them
Posted by Britt Foe

Thursday 21 April 2011


Rastamouse and Da Easy Crew performing live at Glastonbury this year!!!!!!!
Opportunities to see talented bands like this play live are RARE!

Wednesday 30 March 2011


Squatting  has been in the (right wing conservative) press alot recently. Obvioulsy it has not been touted as an' outside the box' response to the housing crisis, homelessness or inflation. 
Nor has it, of course been in the (right wing or left wing- for that matter) press  in reference to the fact that 1 in six people in the world are squatters.
 Squatting has been in the papers, because a load of naive, foreign tourists, only here to sample london's famed counter cultural underbelly, have ended up using some blokes house as a bloody hotel and then have given interviews to the press about it.

Hoorah, for these idiots, they ticked all the reactionary boxes, immigrants from Eastern Europe, wearing the ragged uniform of dirty scrouging hippies, posing, shoeless and long haired for the camera and telling Sun journalists how easy it is to live in Britain, and how they are getting legal aid to fight for squatters rights.
Whilst the hard working, taxpaying, great British bloke who has just got on the property ladder, is living in his car,having been bankrupted by stamp duty and court costs, the stress has caused his wife to leave him and worst of of all the immigrant scrounging hippy heodonist sqautters broke into his house whilst he was out,  hanging up the union jack bunting for the royal wedding celebratory street party.
This is of course not all strictly true, but what in print ever is. There have been a barrage of other ludicrous stories recently. No mention has of course been made that the majority of sqatters in london (an estimated 10,000?) are not ALL complete twats.(although, of course some are).

So, informed only by blind predudice and a story about a couple of idiots, (who probably WILL just FUCK OFF BACK TO WHERE THEY CAME FROM , when the utopian dream of living off stale donuts and ketamine in an unheated house has worn off) . 
Of course then 'Outraged' of 'Little Bigotstown' will wriite a strongly worded letter of complaint, to whoever and wherever it may concern.
And then of course Kennith Clarke can make his move (banning squatting was in the pre election Tory manifesto, its not paranoia when they are actually after you) and respond by stating that in light of these blatant injustices to the great white British taxpayer the days of "Squatters rights" are over.
 And then everyone will mumble 'god save the queen' into their ovaltine and go to bed,  still bitter, and not have sex and wake up in the morning still grumpy...

 But enough of that  bullshit. But what are squatters rights...
 Squatting laws were invented as a fairness clause during the enclousures act, in the 13th century. This process was where land, which was previously held IN COMMON, was ENCLOSED and given to private landlords.
13th Century Law makers realised that this was, a bit unfair to most people, and introduced a squatting clause which said that if there was basically some bit of gnat ridden bog somewhere that no rich people could be bothered with, then it was fair game to use it.Thus our desperately outdated and unfair system of political organisation in this country was gestated.
Back to the present day. Some cunt in the evening standard (Quelle surprise!) whose name i cant be bothered to google, (and who has a series on channel four, about democracy!!)(yes, those are two exclaimation marks),(and three consecutive sets of brackets, oh the gramatical anarchy!!!).
 Some cunt in the evening standard, basically made the same point. He said  that our fabulous system of private ownership  is why we have our "daz white", democratic process,(and to futher paraphrase his article) whilst the stupid arabs with their brown skin and their revolutionary way will never be as 'gosh darn fantastic us Brits.'
This  looks different from a different  ideological precipice of course. 
We could also view from the point of view that,
individuals from Arabic nations are more unified as people as a result of not being divided up physically.
This of course will not be your perspective  if you are a sychophantic capitalist sympathiser who would prostitute your intellect (and probably your childrens backsides) to reinforce the crumbling edifice of western democracy, probably for a packet of pringles and a blow job from the editor of the Evening Standard).
 This sort of nonsense  is the sort of factually incontinent drivel that you will be paid to smear all over the pages of the evening standard. It will, in turn, to be lapped up by most people because it justifies their shitty lives, doing shitty jobs earning shitty money, to pay for their shitty flats, which they could just all be squatting if they they had enough time out to think about it. 
Which is possibly why Tory politicians (who have had quite a bit of time to do exactly that) have finally decided, er maybe now is the time to make squatting illegal.
Written by BECKY FURY for NEUHQ
There are squat support websites like this one so do it while you still can.

Thursday 10 March 2011


Breaking news: The time has come again for the TAA exhibition in 2011. The last one i went to was spectacular and you couldn't really get more authentic underground artists crammed into in one place.
The idea is to take over a disused building for a few days, and use it to exhibit art, art in any form,
and i quote 'to build a free creative, interactive, alternative, 
open , social and cultural space'
Read more about the philosophies behind it, on their website here.
They are currently having a call to arms for artists and volunteers keen to exhibit or get involved in the upcoming exhibition
They are not for profit and anyone can get involved. If you wish to get involved or submit art (and you should)
contact them on or join the facebook page for more regular updates.
It is probably the most authentic underground art exhibition you will come across all year, so don't be a dick and miss it.