Monday, 7 February 2011

NEW KINETIC ARTISTS (The future starts here)

We love The Kinetic Museum and this weekend was the always incredible Kinetic Art Fair, celebrating new works from over 40 Kinetic Artists, one of our favourites was Alex Posadas new work entitled 'The Particle'
The work he is doing is incredible, from super suits for Chicks on Speed to all kinds of unimaginable interactive artworks, designs, performances and installations!
'The Particle' is based on chaos, the elements, atomic particles and the creation of new molecules through evolution. The Particle explores these processes of creation.
Watch the video of the Installation here:

We also loved these simple but super effective neon tube installations from Dianne Harris.
Named 'Eternally Yours'
As well as this gorgeous, haunting Paper, mirror and LED light installation from Korean artist Jun Ga Young, entitled  'Whistling Sea'

As well as really interesting strobe-static- movement work from Tim Lewis
and Skeletal Robotic experiments from Christiaan Zwanikken,
 Most of the work was , well kinetic , making it really difficult to photograph, but i suggest you click the links to discover more!
Lastly a Video of Ivan Blacks new piece entitled INK.
Stunning and genius.
Written by Britt Foe for Neu HQ.

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