Monday, 14 February 2011


Being released just in time for Valentines Day, DED-EX is an eagerly anticipated music video collaboration between the achingly gorgeous performance artist and singer RUBY BLUES and film-maker ANNICK WOLFERS.
Its pretty smokin'......
Husky grieving liquid chocolate vocals combined with a messy sleep deprived Ruby, glitchy electro beats, awesome designer outfits from London's finest, dreamlike imagery and slick production make this video one of the most exciting releases this year!!
We love it, 'you see how you always bring the worst out in me'
Yep, I can relate.
Ruby Blues is an acclaimed performer and a massive creative force (when i say force i mean tornado) on the London music and art scene, best known for her work as director of the incredible and inspiring TRASH CITY project.
Annick Wolfers is a London based film-maker and photographer, whose most recent work involved a collaboration with Pete Doherty for Italian Vogue. Get in!
The video showcases the designs of Rachel Friere(rising dark star of the UK fashion scene and self-confessed 'cheerleader for the Apocalypse')
and also that of costumier Lyall Hakaraia (the legendary 'Mayoress of Dalston' and proprietor of hip scenester nightspot Vogue Fabrics)
The video also features the stop motion facial tattoo design by another  incredibly talented hot creative designer Natasha Lawes.
I am super stoked that all these creative forces have unleashed their inertia upon us.
Inertia all over your face.
No exes were harmed in the making of the video, but i kinda wish they were.
See the video here or check it out on

DED EX_ HOOLIGAN NIGHT feat. RUBY BLUES ( dir.ANNICK WOLFERS ) from Annick Wolfers on Vimeo.

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