Monday, 25 October 2010


We just loved ADA ZANDITON'S new SS/11 Collection called the PYRAMORA. 
Inspired by the fusion of the aesthetics of the Great Pyramids combined with the delicate intricate patterns of coral reefs, the collection is a mathematical exploration of spiritual and environmental ideas.
I also chatted to Ada about how she painstakingly drew the patterns of coral by hand...YES PLEASE!
Another reason why we like Ada Zanditon, is not only for her awesome, futuristic designs as well as her inspiring collaboration with the gorgeous and talented singer-songwriter VIKTORIA MODESTA
 .....but because she actually gives a shit about the planet, i know that generally 'eco' and fashion don't always go hand in hand but her label is really changing all this, they use a range of organic and natural fabrics as well as innovative waste reducing and energy conscious solutions.
Zanditon sources the fabrics from ethical and reliable manufacturers, which are then dyed with AZO-free dyes, which means they won’t turn into cancer causing chemicals.
Ada Zanditon pioneers in creating and evolving a high end womens-wear business with a common sense approach to sustainability, a commitment to transparency and a belief in business that treats people, planet and profit with equal importance.
So clearly there is alot to be said about this new designer, but my main point was also to announce that the gorgeous sculptural jewelry from her new collection, the amazing collaboration between Ada and Luca Romanyi, is now available to buy....and its

To view more of the collection, stockists info or to purchase, please contact the studio directly :
 Jewelry will also be stocked at Beyond the Valley (off Carnaby Street) in January, so look out for it then as well.
PH: +44(0)207 437 7338

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