Monday, 21 June 2010


I LOVE the concept of BUY NOTHING DAY but i think we really need to take it to another level and try
to make everyday a buy nothing day,
I love this take on the concept by the renegade anti-capitalists SPACE HIJACKERS
Seriously you probably dont need another pair of red shoes.................
I love to get involved in other peoples purchases, and this is the best way of doing it:
pretend your a personal shopper or just a concerned member of the public,
'naah mate, i wouldnt buy one of those, i bought one last week and it just fell apart, its all pretty low quality throw-away fashion in here' OR
' no that dress/ skirt/ scarf is really not your colour, and honestly does nothing for you' OR
'hi, im a personal shopper would you like some help'
I did it this weekend in Oxford Street , it was sooo much fun, like live performance!!!!

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