Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The Beautiful Doom of SCAB

Excellent breaking news! With so many amazing artists out there, its tough to choose the ones you want to work with but this was easy,
I can finally confirm a collaboration between Neu HQ and the incredibly talented underground artist SCAB. GET IN!!! (it only took a large sum of money and some very dodgy deals involving embalmed human body parts- dont ask)
Those of  you in the know, will have definately seen or heard of his work, he, as does his reputation,  lurks in the darkest corners of the darkest, miserable and most infected underground places.
A noteworthy 'scarred' face on the emerging art scene, Scab is a london based aerosol artist, illustrator, graphic designer and animator.
He is one of those people who is actually annoying he is so effortlessly talented, as he casually dips in and out of all styles of graphic art and media (from painted murals, album artwork, tattoo's, cars, t-shirts, posters, digital, illustration, animation and just downright jaw dropping graff)
With incredible attention to detail and subject matter ranging from vastly gory to cutesy.
He is currently in the process of publishing his first illustrated story book and is moving on to create animations for music videos, CANT FUCKING WAIT!!

If anything could be worse than his seriously overflowing cup of talent it might be the fact that he is so terribly humble about it all...........
Funny that the best artists usually are! What a jerk!
If you wish to see more of Scab's art or get quotes for commissions, check out his website HERE
Seriously though, Im not sure my words can really do him any justice but ill leave you with this, its beautifully doomy, just like he is.....

"Lament the un-healing Scab! He was clawed from the womb, and hath spent his life scavenging the infertile wombs of this dismal existence, only to find incessant writhing in his self induced defilement, causing a malignant defecation. The fruits of which he now smears upon hopeful faces in a sour disappointment. Oh lament!!"

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