Friday, 28 May 2010


Heres some new music for you lovely well informed people!!!!!!
Dom - Living in America, is the 2010 SUMMER ANTHEM, it has arrived and seems to be all ramshackle, synth-drone euphoria!

Americas latest offering......It seems to be pieced together in a barn (bedroom) somewhere (Worcester- Massachusetts to be exact), using rudimentary tools and exploiting deceptively simple hooks, but there is something more cunning about this gem, packed to the brim with sardonic irony and infectious dont-give-a-fuckness....

I feel the makings of a classic here....and in the context of our '3 year decades' and even faster shrinking attention spans, thats quite a far out STATEMENT!

Excuse my sloganeering but ' put your hands in the air - all my sisters and my brothers, forget about the others, its so sexeeeee babeeeee, we living in Amerikahhhhh!
Makes we wanna pack my bags and move to KalifornI.A. 
(Not really as i hate the sunshine, but if anything this song is super convincing!)
Major label, steroid enhanced studio version to follow- give it 3 months, then brace for the MGMT comparisons, but DOM wont give a shit and neither do I.

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