Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Went to the ROTKAPPCHEN album launch at the Macbeth a week ago.
Tre good!!!!!!!
Totally beaty, dancey sounds and glitchy noise, cool vocals and super hand drawn awesome visuals, COMBINED with live drums, played by the talented and the gorgeously ridiculously curly haired, Annie O-Some. (also part of The Birds Of Paradise)
Rotkappchen - (little red hood in german), this 2 piece (Ian and Annie) totally got the dancefloor going,  Rotkappchen is well destined for great things especiallly live! The album is electro, well recorded and totally party inducing, im well up for that !!!!!!
They came a long way through the darkest woods in order to deliver a basket of musical and visual goodies to your (big) ears.......
yes go see them
Posted by Britt Foe

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