Wednesday, 8 June 2011


I love it everytime I get an email from Guerilla Zoo, Ive said it once and ill say it again, Guerilla Zoo, without a doubt put on THE BEST and most consistently thought provoking art exhibitions in the UK.
Cut a long story short, they have an exhibition on NOW, as in right now, it ends on Sunday -12 June, if you miss it you will be sorry and also hardpressed to find such a good quality art hit for quite sometime.
Guerilla zoo are masters of finding and bringing together the best of the (modern underground) art world.
This exhibition, hosted on 3 floors of a beautifully eerie and crumbling ex-abbatoir building space in Farringdon.
James Elphick and his team presents us with over 50 surreal, controversial and provocative modern artists from around the world.
The opening was filled to the brim with Londons cream of the emerging art crop.
To save this article being 3 pages long, ill present you with a quick slice of some of the most impressive works, it was lush.
Some new work from the inspiring fashion artist Celia Arias (aka Lady Gonzalez)
Sculpture and (performance) by Nick Elphick
Images by Kira O'Reilly
 Andrea Rossi
Larger than life mindfucks by Enjoy Kaos
Master stitchery by Lucy Sparrow
Performance and Installation by Maria Almena - KIMATICA
   Getting super up close to the incredible works/ words of the very controversial Iris Schieferstein
Incredible giant pagan sculptures by Jim Sanders

Powerful and Intricate Illustrations by Iain Mcarthur
Like i said over 50 surreal, controversial and provocative modern artists from around the world, not forgetting art by former solitary confinement prisoner Charles Bronson, new works by Tank Girl Illustrator Rufus Dayglo and also never seen before coca artworks of Bolivian Gaston Ugalde.
Check the full list and find out more here
Seriously go see it.
All words and pictures by Britt FOE.

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